Medical Insurance

Mr Gangwani is recognised by all major medical insurance companies in the UK. Mr Gangwani and his team have direct payment facilities with most insurance companies.

However, patients are advised to contact their insurance Company prior to their appointment to confirm their cover and to obtain an authorisation number which will facilitate the reimbursement of professional fees. Please check with your insurance company about the level of excess in your policy which will have to be covered by the patient.

Please bring the details of your Insurance Cover details and your authorisation number when you book an appointment. You can also bring it with you when you attend your appointment. We will usually be able to communicate directly with the Insurance Company on your behalf after you have obtained an authorisation number.

We accept cash, personal cheques and card payments. A receipted invoice is available to claim reimbursement from 3rd parties or insurance Companies where appropriate.

Cataract Surgery

If you are insured, cataract surgery is usually covered, although in most cases you will find that not all fees are covered by your individual health insurance. There are additional fees for cutting-edge technology such as premium lens implants (trifocal, EDoF and toric lenses). Most insurers will not cover these costs. Also you may find that with insurers you may not be covered for the whole fee and therefore a shortfall may apply. Please do check with your insurer.

We will need a pre-authorisation code/case number issued by your insurer prior to your cataract surgery. The procedure is a day case and the code to give your health insurer is C7122.

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