What is a Lens Replacement?

A lens replacement or refractive lens exchange is a surgical procedure, and it involves the natural lens in the eye being removed. The lens is then replaced with a synthetic implant. This is known as an intraocular lens.

Surgical procedures like this are often carried out to help those who suffer from short-sightedness, astigmatism or even long-sightedness. With lens replacement surgery it reduces or eliminates the need for contact lenses or glasses. The procedure can also improve vision if you are suffering from cataracts.

RLE is suitable for everyone who is over the age of 50, who has a glasses prescription which is higher than the normal range for laser surgery. Lens clarity and flexibility will diminish with age. A lot of older patients who feel as though their eyesight is failing usually have cataracts. Replacing the lens is, therefore, the easiest and best option to correct the sight.

Lens replacement can also be suitable for patients who have a lower prescription, and this is especially the case if they are long-sighted. Refractive lens surgery and cataract surgery is the same procedure. When cataract surgery is performed in an attempt to correct the needs for glasses, it’s called RLE.

Lens replacement surgery is best for those who have been diagnosed with astigmatism, cataracts, presbyopia, myopia and hyperopia. In other words, short-sightedness, long-sightedness and those who are dependent on contact lenses or glasses.

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