Results and Expectations of a Lens Replacement

The recovery happens typically in phases, and there is a unifying trend. Still, it’s important to understand that there will be some individual variation too.

Right after lens replacement surgery, the pupil will be dilated, and this will blur your vision. This happens as a result of the microscope light and the fluid that is used. You may also find that there is a scratchy feeling, a few hours after you have completed your treatment.

When your pupil has returned to its normal size, your vision will improve by a considerable amount. If you have used a multifocal lens, then you will find that your reading vision picks up quite quickly. Within a few days, your vision will be a lot better, and it will continue to improve.

As you get used to your lenses, your retina will signal to your brain that you are seeing one image at a distance, or another close up depending on where you look. This will improve with time, and as you adjust, you will soon find that you make vast improvements overall.

The post-operative recovery tends to take place in two different phases. The visual acuity will recover quite quickly, but sometimes your vision might fluctuate. Over time your vision will stabilise, and you will see much clearer than ever before.

Of course, getting any kind of surgery done can be nerve-racking, but if you take your time to understand the process, then you can put your mind at ease far more than you realise.

Having the vision you have always wanted has never been more straightforward. You could have improved vision in as little as a week, depending on how your eyes take to the new lenses and your whole recovery process in general.

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